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Maximize the reach of your communications and make it effortless for employees to receive important information. Employees simply download the Konnective smartphone app and are approved onto relevant company feeds. From there you can quickly and easily send communication to those that need it using push messaging.

Employees don't need a corporate email address or be connected to the company network.

Setup your own free trial. It takes just a few minutes. Get 30 days free access to the Konnective solution.

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Secure and private communication

Konnective is built around the concept of secure communication. Our superior security model gives you the tools to setup Konnective in the way that suits your business. Every Konnective user has their own login and password. And you control who receives each message.

Send rich content

Much better than a text message, Konnective lets you include links, attach documents, add images or send polls and surveys.

Include links in your messages to direct employees to your website or internal systems.

Two way communication

Keep employees engaged and coming back to the app time and time again. You can open up comments on any message and get the conversation flowing.

With our dynamic form builder you can also capture any data you need from your employees. Staff availability, RSVPs, polls, surveys, the options are endless!

Targeted groupings

Setup targeted groupings of employees - we call them 'Feeds'. Feeds can be setup in any way you like. It could be by region or division, by store or location. The choice is completely up to you. By having segmented groupings of employees, messages are always relevant to recipients.


Knowing how many people downloaded the app isn't enough. Konnective provides comprehensive reporting to see how engaged employees are with your content. Statistics on active users, messages opens and much more is available.

Simple administration

Our secure web-based administration system allows you to send messages, setup groups and control membership. You have full control over creating, editing and deleting messages as well as who gets to see each message. It's very easy to use with no prior knowledge of app or IT knowledge required.

Free app for employees

Available on iPhone, Android, the web and email.

Employees download the Konnective app from the App Store or Google Play, register and are up and running. Users can be auto connected to feeds or else search for feeds that are relevant to them. Available for iPhone and Android with a web version available for other phone types or users without a smartphone. Employees can also elect to receive their messages via email.

Easy onboarding

Konnective has a range of options for getting staff on board when you first launch Konnective. If you have email addresses for your workforce you can simply upload them using our simple import process and eveyone will receive an invitation email with simple to follow instructions.

Alternatively, employees can search for your organisation in the app and connect or request approval to the message groups that are relevant to them.

Email alerts

We want employees to have freedom to choose how they receive their messages. They can choose to receive push notifications via installing the app or else choose to receive messages via email. It's also possible to choose both!

Full support and assistance

We provide support and assistance every step of the way. You'll get access to the Konnective Help Centre which provides comprehensive step by step guides for all common functions and we're available whenever you need us to answer questions or to provide guidance.

We have a wide range of experience across many industries so can help guide you on the best practices for success.

Setup your own free trial. It takes just a few minutes. Get 30 days free access to the Konnective solution.

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