How Konnective is helping We Are Vivid to connect with their distributed workforce

Worker with hardhat and phone

Konnective helps disability support provider, We Are Vivid, adapt to create a positive employee engagement culture, especially during the Covid-19 period.

The Need

Provide ‘real time’ information to employees who are spread across a large geographic region

The Approach

Communicate with staff via their preferred channel.

The Results

-       More than 90% of employees are now using Konnective

-       Increased employee engagement and improved culture

-       Plans to roll-out to parents and carers

Vivid uses Konnective to share team updates, broadcast company announcements and to support their employee engagement program.

For Vivid, the stand out feature of Konnective has been its customisability, ensuring their messages reach the “right people and (managers) get the right responses”. They are conscious that when people receive notices that are “not relevant to them... (that’s when) they tune out” and often miss the truly important updates. The ability to define clear user groups within Konnective has reduced the noise and resulted in better engagement across the board.

Overall, Konnective has been a “huge time saver”. The ease of being able to “go in and download who's responded” when they’ve asked for staff responses has made data collection and data integrity a lot less burdensome.

The company also sees Konnective’s use from an emergency planning perspective such as on high heat or health alert days. Previously a situation like that would have meant hours of individual phone calls. Now, with Konnective, the same effect can be achieved with a single broadcast message.

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