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Konnective lets you reach everyone

employee messaging app

Engage and inform all of your employees regardless of whether they have a corporate email address or access to a computer at work. Konnective is an employee app that makes it effortless for people to receive important company communications.

Users just download the app onto their smartphone, are approved onto relevant feeds and begin receiving important internal communications as they happen.

  • Secure and private
  • Targeted messaging to groups
  • Easy onboarding
  • Detailed engagement statistics and reporting

Improve your employee communications by reaching everyone in your company, not just those that sit at a desk.

Features and benefits

Improve employee engagement

Improve employee engagement and responsiveness by sharing important announcements as they happen.

Stop the cluttered inbox

Emails get lost in clogged inboxes and let's face it, many don't ever get read. Harness the power of mobile and ensure that everyone has the latest, up-to-date information at a glance.

Reach non-desk workers

For organisations with a distributed workforce or workers with limited or no access to the corporate network, Konnective lets them receive company messages instantly and at a fraction of the price of text messages.

Communicate securely and privately

Keep your communications safe. You have complete control over who gets to see your information. Full flexibility lets you send targeted communications to specific audiences.

Get instant feedback

Send out a poll or survey or just ask for feedback. You can ask for any type of response and easily manage and report on the outcomes.

Easy onboarding

A range of options make it simple to get people using Konnective. Onboarding methods cater for all user types whether they have a corporate email address or not.

In the news

SBS Small Business Secrets

Konnective was featured on SBS TV's Small Business Secrets program.

It charts Konnective's progress from working with schools through to our work with major companies and brands to help them communicate and engage with employees.

See the full segment 


app for healthcare communication

"It’s a more efficient form of communication and means staff receive the information that is most relevant to them in the timeliest way possible."

Arpi Cseh
IT and Communications Manager,
Benetas (Aged Care Specialists)

school app

"Konnective was a simple and effective way to send alerts to parents keeping them informed of what was happening at school, as it happened.”

Carolyn Tavener
Malmsbury Primary School