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Improve employee engagement

Image Improve employee engagement

Smartphone penetration is high and growing, making it a powerful new communication channel. Improve employee engagement and responsiveness by sharing important announcements as they happen.

Stop the cluttered inbox

Image Stop the cluttered inbox

Emails get lost in clogged inboxes and let's face it, many don't ever get read. Harness the power of mobile and ensure that everyone has the latest, up-to-date information at a glance.

Reach distributed workers

Image Reach distributed workers

Many organisations operate with a distributed workforce or have workers with limited or no access to computers. Having Konnective on their smartphones lets them receive company messages instantly and at a fraction of the price of text messages.

Communicate securely and privately

Image Communicate securely and privately

Keep your company communications safe. You have complete control over who gets to see your information. Full flexibility lets you send targeted communcations to specific audiences.

Secure and instant. Bypass paper and email

securely communicate with parents

Send news, events, photos and more securely to parents’ smartphones.  Be confident in who you are communicating to.  Konnective lets you set up a private network with parents. 

Send out instant alerts to new or changed information

Image Send out instant alerts to new or changed information

Using our very simple web-based administration system, just enter in the details and click Send 

Parents get notified instantly!

Image Parents get notified instantly!

Konnective uses push notifications to alert parents to new messages. Send as many as you want.

Setup your own parent groupings

Image Setup your own parent groupings

Not everyone wants to know that the Grade 1s are going on an excursion! Segment parents in anyway you need to.